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RetroPie 4.2 is released, Multi Emulation sur Raspberry

Par Codex, le 20/03/2017, 21:47

Bonjour tout le monde,

tout est dans le titre, nouvelles versions de l'OS Retropie pour Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 & P1-Zero (20.03.2017):

Changes since 4.1:

- EmulationStation Improvements
- Video Support
- White Screen of Death Fix

- Support for the ODroid-C2 (on top of the Ubuntu 16.04 minimal image).
- Kodi 17 now installable from optional packages.
- AdvanceMame has been updated and split into three separate packages – 0.94, 1.4 and v3.3.
- Updated to RetroArch v1.5.0
- To match upstream changes, lr-mupen64plus has been renamed to lr-parallel-n64, and lr-glupen64 has been renamed to lr-mupen64plus.
- Fixed launching Pixel desktop and other X11 apps from Emulation Station.
- Fixed problems building Zdoom, ResidualVM and Mupen64Plus and PPSSPP.
- Doom ports will automatically add launch scripts if it finds doom1.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, or plutonia.wad.
- lr-snes9x emulator added – a libretro port of the current snes9x codebase.
- Added Amiberry (an Amiga emulator), which is an updated fork of uae4arm, with more features.
- Multi disk zip support for Vice (C64 emulator), fs-uae, uae4arm and Amiberry (Amiga). You can now launch Amiga disk images directly from Emulation Station with uae4arm and Amiberry.
- Standalone version of Stella (Atari 2600 emulator) updated to v4.7.3.
- usbromservice – support mounting of usb stick over ~/RetroPie to keep roms on USB.
- Ability to set custom ES themes in configs/all/platforms.cfg (can override any setting in RetroPie-Setup/platforms.cfg).
- SDL2 updated to 2.0.5. Our patched SDL2 is now used on the PC version of RetroPie, which should resolve an issue with ps3 controller mapping.
- Sselph’s scraper updated to the latest version, and new options added. Scraper has been moved to optional packages and needs to be installed before it will show up in configuration / tools.
- Include PowerBlock and ControlBlock driver packages.
- Input configuration script for Daphne.
- RetroPie-Setup menus now works with all connected joysticks (mapping is still hardcoded).
- Updated RPI detection code to support BRANCH=next firmware/kernel.
- Overhaul of the runcommand launch script.
- Raspbian Wheezy support removed.
- Support Xbian on RPI, and Devuan, Elementary OS, and Neon on X86.
- Added emulationstation themes: fundamental, futura, and flat.
- New packages added to experimental section:
- lr-mrboom (an 8 player bomberman clone).
- lr-mame2016 (Arcade emulator).
- lr-mess2016 (Multiple omputers/console emulator).
- DraStic (Nintendo DS Emulator – RPI only).
- lr-beetle-saturn (Sega Saturn emulator – x86_64 only).
- Minivmac (Macintosh Plus Emulator).
- Quasi88 (NEC PC-8801 emulator).
- np2pi (NEC PC-9801 emulator).
- Xm7 (FM-7 / Fujitsu Micro 7 emulator).
- Mehstation and Attract-Mode Frontends.
- launchingimages (a script from Meleu to generate system launch images based on installed Emulation Station themes).
- Many other code changes and bugfixes.

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