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Pantheon 5.810, Emulateur multi-systèmes

Par shu, le 27/04/2017, 23:55

Pantheon 5.810

Pantheon est un émulateur multi-systèmes sous Windows toujours en cours de développement et bénéficiant d'une interface graphique agréable et intuitive.
Son autre particularité est que l'on peut télécharger les jeux directement via l'émulateur par un simple clic.

Sont supportés pour l'instant les systèmes suivants :

- Acorn Atom
- Acorn Electron
- Acorn BBC Micro
- Atari 2600
- Atari 5200
- Atari 7800
- Atari 800/XE
- Atari Lynx
- ColecoVision
- Commodore PET
- Magnavox Odyssey 2
- Mattel Intellivision
- Ordinateurs MSX
- Sega Master System
- Sega Megadrive/Genesis
- Sega Game Gear

Le support de la GameBoy, de l'Amstrad CPC, de l'Atari Jaguar et autres ordinateurs Commodore est en cours de développement.

Le voici donc qui passe en version 5.810.

Principales nouveautés de cette version :

After long time, some fresh games for Atari 8-bit computers: Arkanoid, Bubble Trouble, Cavelord, Darg I/II, Eckn, High Rise, Monster Smash!, Pegasus, Pooyan, Run for It, Speed Run, Super Zaxxon, The Return of Heracles, Transylvania, Tyrants of Torment, Wloczykij, Zulu Warpath...

Changelog :

Pantheon 5.810

-games for Atari 8-bit computers: A Fastidious Spider, Ace Dribbler and the Roadhogs, Adventure Telephone, Alien Asylum, Android Attack, Arax, Arkanoid, Astro Blaster, Asylum, Attack at EP-CYG-4, B.L.O.U.D., Banana, Barnstorm, Basic Burger, Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz, Beta Run, Blitz, Blue Thunder, Bomber Beauregard, Boulders and Bombs, Bubble Trouble, Bug Off!, Camelot, Captain Sticky's Gold, Castaway, Cavelord, Cellar Terror, Chambers of Zorp, Chicken, Chopper Chase, Coco-Notes, Copter Chase, Cosmic Tunnels, Crossfire, Crystal Raider, Dance Fantasy, Dangerous Street, Darg, Darg II, Demon Ball, Desert Falcon, Diamondz, Divex, Dr. Boom!, Dragon Defense, Dragon's Keep, Dragonfire, Drone Dusters, DungeonLords, Eagles, Eckn, Ennumereight, Ernie's Magic Shapes, Escape from Doomworld, Euchre, Facemaker, Fantastic Soccer, Fence Builder, Fire One, Floor Walker, Freeway Ace!, Frogmaster, Galactic Empire, Galactic Trader, GEM, Ghost Chaser, Giant Slalom, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, Gold Mine, Grabit, Guderian, Gunfighter, Hangman, HardBall!, Haunted Hill, Henri, Hex War, High Rise, Horse Race, Hungry Horris, Inspector Clew-So, Invasion - Planetary Defense, Itsy Bitsy Pinball, Java Jim, Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge, Joe and the Nuclear Caverns, Jumping Ghost, Jumping Jack, K-Type, Karate Master, Ketchup, Kismet, Knock!, Krebs Removal, Laser Ants, League Challenge, Letter Castle, Lord of the Orb, Mad-Netter, Magia Fortuny, Malpass: The Asteroid Mines, Martian Castle, Maze Maniac, Maze War, Mengcop, Microworld, Millipedes, Minute Magic, Mission, Monster Smash!, Montezuma Strikes Back, Mouse, Munchy Madness, Mychess II, Myriapede, Naval Battle, Nazz, Nightmare Maze, Nightmares, On-Track Computer Model Car Racing, Oranges and Lemons, Panik Paul, Paper Boy, Pegasus, Piekielko, Piranha, Pogoman, Pooyan, Professor IQ, Pyramid Run, Quadromania XL, Rabbotz!, Raidus, Rebound, Rescue of Blondell, Resistors, Ricochet, Rings of the Empire, Robots of Nala, Rocket Rescue, Run for It, Sargon II, Sargon III, Saratoga, Scrids, Scrids II, Shadow World, Sharkie, Siege on the X-Men, Sky Diver, Sky Warrior, Slither, Smasher, SOP, Space Bombs, Space Circuit, Space Shot, Speed Demon!, Speed Run, Spider Invasion, SS Achilles, Star Crystals, Star Venture, Stargunner, Starfire Warrior, Stoneville Manor, Stranded, Strip Poker, Submarine Hunter, Super Rover, Super Zaxxon, Superball, Swamp Chomp, Swarm, TAC - Tactical Armor Command, Tee Off, Tetrad, Tetris 3-D, The Basements of Bellevue, The Battle of Chickamauga, The Escaper, The Gauntlet, The Halley Project, The Hawkmen of Dindrin, The Hermit, The Last Oldie, The Return of Heracles, The ROBOX Incident, The Treasures of Barboz, Three Card Brag, Tight Rope, TNT, Torpedo, Track Attack!, Train Crazy, Transylvania, Tricky Tracks, TT Racer, Tutti Frutti, Tyrants of Torment, Uncle Milton's Million Dollar Mystery Mansion, Up for Grabs, Upior, Usurp, Vectron, Voyage in Time, Warrior 3000, Weakon, Well, Winston in the Caves, Wloczykij, Wombats, World Cup Manager, Wyzle!, Zulu Warpath

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Retrouvez cet émulateur dans toutes les sections concernées sur GT, comme par exemple celle de l'Atari 5200.

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