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VGB 5.2, Emulateur Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Par shu, le 05/07/2017, 23:06

Virtual GameBoy 5.2

Nouvelle release pour Virtual GameBoy (VGB de son petit nom), émulateur Game Boy / Game Boy Color développé par Marat Fayzullin, qui passe en version 5.2.
L'émulateur est disponible, entre autres, sous Windows, Linux et Android.

Principales nouveautés :

The latest free VGB 5.2 for Windows and Linux, was released on July 5, 2017. It adds support for DirectInput joysticks on Windows, fixes crashes when changing audio rate or special effects, adds an menu option to draw 65% of frames, and moves all input-related options to a separate "Input" menu.

The VGB-Android version is available from the Google Play and comes with many cool extras, such as built-in Cheatopedia with codes for dozens of popular games, State Exchange for exchanging gameplay states with other users, and more.

Changelog :

- Added support for DirectInput joysticks to VGB-Windows.
- Moved all input-related options to the "Input" menu in VGB-Windows.
- Fixed crash when changing audio sampling rate in VGB-Windows.
- Added "Draw 65% Frames" option to VGB-Windows.
- Fixed screen updates after changing scaling algorithm in VGB-Windows.

Site officiel :

Section Game Boy / Game Boy Color (Goodset)
Set No Intro Game Boy
Set No Intro Game Boy Color

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