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Stella 5.0.2, Emulateur Atari 2600

Par shu, le 22/08/2017, 00:53

Stella 5.0.2

Atari 2600

Voici une release majeure pour Stella, l'excellent émulateur Atari VCS 2600 sous Windows, Linux et Mac OS X, qui passe en version 5.0.2.

Changelog :

- Improved emulation of Trakball controller, eliminating bias in left/ right directions. Thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for the idea and code. Related to this, added 'tsense' commandline argument and associated UI item, to allow changing sensitivity of mouse trackball emulation.
- Added preliminary support for multi-threading in the Blargg TV effects code. This is still a WIP; more improvements are coming. Related to this, further optimized the TIA rendering code. Also added 'threads' commandline argument and associated UI item to enable/disable multi-threading. Thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for the bulk of the work in this area.
- Blargg TV effects now no longer cut off the right side of the image (by several pixels) in certain cases.
- Updated CDF scheme to latest version from Spiceware. In addition, this scheme now supports versioning, so older and newer ROMs will continue to work.
- Fixed an annoying bug in Linux, where Alt-Tab'ing out of a window and then back again would pass a 'Tab' key event to the app, which in most cases would navigate to the next UI element.
- Fixed potential issue with state file saving and the debugger; under certain circumstances a rewind would give a different state than before (note that the state file format has changed because of this).
- Fixed lockups when entering the debugger under certain circumstances.
- The debugger 'listtraps' command now shows all traps set, not just the first one(s).
- Reverted joystick changes for Decathlon ROMs from last release, as it was added by mistake.

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