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Emma 02 v1.25, Emulateur multi-systèmes

Par shu, le 08/02/2018, 10:25

Emma 02 v1.25

Emma 02 émule plusieurs ordinateurs de la fin des années 70 dont le RCA Studio II, et tourne sous Windows (XP à 10), Mac OS X et Linux (openSUSE et Ubuntu).

Anciennement le programme se nommait 1802 Emulator et émulait le COMX-35.
Aujourd'hui Emma 02 gère un peu plus d'une quinzaine de machines, à savoir :

· COMX-35
· Cosmac Elf 2000
· Cosmac VIP
· Cosmac VIP II
· Cosmicos
· Cosmac Elf
· Netronics Elf II
· Quest Super Elf
· Membership Card
· RCA Studio II
· Visicom COM-100
· Victory MPT-02
· Cidelsa
· Telmac TMC-600
· Telmac 1800
· Telmac 2000
· Oscom Nano
· Pecom 32 et 64
· ETI 660.

Le voici donc qui passe en version 1.25.

Changelog :


- Added support for the RCA MicroDisk Development System MS2000
- Added support for the RCA Microboard Computer Development System (MCDS)
- Added support for the RCA Microtutor
- Added splash screens with start-up info for certain computers and configurations
- Restructured the Cosmac tab into one tab 'Elf' for all Elf clones and 'RCA' for the RCA systems
- Fixed handling of function keys if no 'video' screen is active (i.e. when using the Microtutor)
- Fixed a bug which caused Emma 02 to lock up when no sound device is available. Emulation will now start but without any timing if there is no sound deivce available.
- Added 1805/1806 counter support for mode 3, note that mode 4 and 5 are still not supported
- Fixed bug in change data directory; when using 'move' some files were not moved correctly
- Configuration files are moved to new locations:
  • Windows Vista and later: C:\Users\ username\AppData\Roaming\Emma 02 Config
  • XP: C:\\Documents and Settings\ username\Application Data\Emma 02 Config
  • Mac OSX: ~/Library/Preferences/Emma 02
  • Linux: ~/.emma_02

- Linux port re-introduced


- Installation of configuration files and 1802 SW files will not be done automatically anymore. This is to avoid overwriting user changes. To install the latest files two menu options are introduced under File / Re-install. If files are not available they will be installed on first Emma 02 run.


- Restrucutred OS X GUI in direct Assembler tab to be more aligned with windows version
- Added B=L (Branch and Load) search button
- Added step in memory after search functions to be able to 'step' through a block of code
- Improved output of disassembler to be compatible with the A18 assembler
- Improved output of disassembler to show labels Bxxxx (short branch), Jxxxx (long branch) and Sxxxx (subroutine calls)
- Added 'mark' type 'text' in direct assembler to allow for DB 'text' in dissassebler output file
- Changed colouring in direct assembler to match short, long branch and subroutine calls to address colour


- Miscellaneous improvements and additions for added functionality

Video Terminal

- Added support for 'external terminal software', see help function in general chapter on set-up
- Added support for complete range of baud rates for all computers supporting video terminals
- Fixed bug in UART handling


- Corrected bug in DOS file name setting (crashed on F&M Diskmonitor)
- Added latest SB FW version V1.2 build 201
- Added some corrections to existing SW to run better in combiination with the SB

Cosmac Elf 2000

- Fixed bug in sound handling
- Fixed bug in UART handling

Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf

- Fixed bug in pixie emulation

MS 2000

- RCA MicroDisk Development System MS2000 support added
- Includes support for UT71, MicroDos, PLM Compiler, BASIC1 Compiler and Interpreter
- Includes support MicroDos image files, PC HD disk simulation and tape (TAPED) support

RCA Studio II, Visicom COM-100, Victory MPT-02

- Added st2 file for the RCA demo cartridge
- Added Studio II chip 8 interpreter designed by me!
- Added support for FLiPs multi-cart for the Studio II and Victory MPT-02
- Added support for the RCA Test Cartridge
- New Visicom carts added


- Corrected bug in printer support
- Fixed auto LOAD on Pecom 32

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