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JavaCPC Desktop 2.9.6b, Emulateur Amstrad CPC

Par shu, le 13/02/2018, 01:09

Voici arrivée la nouvelle mouture de JavaCPC Desktop, un excellent émulateur Amstrad CPC en Java, ce qui le rend compatible avec de nombreux systèmes. Il nous arrive donc en version 2.9.6b.

Changelog :

Update from v2.9.6 to v2.9.6b changelog:
- Fixed a problem in splash-screen on non-Windows OS
- Default soundbuffer changed to 4096 bytes to avoid sound lags on non-Windows OS
- Improved the JavaCPC MovieMaker, it is fps accurate now, and also simulteanously plays a mp3 file, if is present
- Added a cheat ;-)

Update from v2.9.4/5 to v2.9.6 changelog:
- Several bugfixes in JavaCPC Paint
- Rasterpaint: Re-arranged the GUI
- Fixed 4mb ram expansion port problems (Re-arranged port numbers)
- Fixed some Z80 cycles (Probably implemented new bugs now)
- Added possibility to update FutureOS ROMs directly from FutureOS Server (Menu: Help -> Check for FutureOS Update)
- New .EXE Icons (Thanks to Paul Barrick for the nice pixelart- CPC 464!)
- Major and minor bugfixes in CPC emulation
- Re-wrote PAL filter
- Re-wrote parts of the sound emulation (Tape-noise is seperated now and less annoying)
- Bugfix in FDC emulation: Fixed RPM and added "Match Sector" to commands
- Updated the startup-splash screen
- Bugfixes in MagicCPCDiskImage: Corrected filesize for binary and basic files, fixed filesize for creating directory
- RasterPaint: Added line-mode: INKs change each line only
- Added: New bugs, problems, funny behavior (As usual)

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