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ColEm 4.5, Emulateur Colecovision

Par shu, le 03/05/2018, 22:20

ColEm 4.5


Nouvelle release pour ColEm, émulateur Colecovision développé par Marat Fayzullin, qui passe en version 4.5.
L'émulateur est disponible sous Windows/Linux/Android, entre autres.

Principales nouveautés :

The latest release, published on May 2 2018, adds support for 2kB SRAM found in the Lord Of The Dungeon game. There is also support for the Super Game Module (SGM) hardware, 24c08 and 24c256 EEPROM chips, and other new hardware. Incompatibility between save states produced on 32bit and 64bit systems has been fixed as well.

Changelog :

- Added battery-backed SRAM emulation (Lord Of The Dungeon works).
- Added "Hardware | 2kB SRAM" menu option to ColEm-Windows.
- Removed -noeeprom command line option, as useless.
- Added -sram command line option.
- Fixed saved state compatibility between 32bit and 64bit systems.

Site officiel :

Section Colecovision (Goodset)
Set No Intro Colecovision

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