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ColEm 4.6, Emulateur Colecovision

Par shu, le 02/06/2018, 10:06

ColEm 4.6


Nouvelle release pour ColEm, émulateur Colecovision développé par Marat Fayzullin, qui passe en version 4.6.
L'émulateur est disponible sous Windows/Linux/Android, entre autres.

Principales nouveautés :

The latest release, published on June 1 2018, lets you pause replay at any time with the UP key and single-step through it with LEFT and RIGHT keys. Resume replay by pressing UP again, or go back to gameplay with any other key. If you do not know what the replay feature is, press F8 and see what happens.

Recent ColEm releases also added support for 2kB SRAM found in the Lord Of The Dungeon game, Super Game Module (SGM) emulation, 24c08 and 24c256 EEPROM emulation, and other modern features important to the homebrew community.

Changelog :

- Made replay save states approximately every 170ms.
- Added ability to browse through paused replay.
- During replay, press UP to pause or resume.
- When replay paused, press LEFT and RIGHT to browse.
- Press any other button to continue playing.
- Now cancelling replay if any key or button is pressed.
- Made WaitJoystick() exit when window closed.

Site officiel :

Section Colecovision (Goodset)
Set No Intro Colecovision

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