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VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.0, Emulateur Game Boy Advance

Par shu, le 02/07/2018, 23:43

VBA-M 2.1.0

Nouvelle release pour VisualBoyAdvance-M, émulateur Game Boy Advance mais aussi Game Boy et Game Boy Color, qui nous arrive aujourd'hui en version 2.1.0.
Pour rappel, VBA-M est un projet basé sur le code source de VBA qui a pour but d'améliorer celui-ci en intégrant les meilleures fonctionnalités de différents builds dérivés.

Changements :

[2.1.0] Vulnerability fixes

68028b5 - (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) minor fix for mingw cross build (9 hours ago)
498019a - (origin/osx-32bit) support older 32 bit macs running 10.7, fix build (11 hours ago)
6b48625 - fix some ELF parsing vulnerabilities #255 (30 hours ago)
c63d364 - travis: add job for libretro module (2 days ago)
ef8c89f - Libretro: Do not compile arm disassembly module (2 days ago)
6343191 - fix 2 broken URLs in builder script (3 days ago)
48af382 - travis: move cache key for ccache into jobs (3 days ago)
21b718b - Add Coverity Badge (4 days ago)
8778837 - add Travis CI support (4 days ago)
fde9d73 - installdeps: add ccache to list of deps (4 days ago)
77a3673 - installdeps: install wx-common for mxe for wxrc (4 days ago)
90188e8 - installdeps: fix build instructions for mxe (4 days ago)
816aab9 - fix installdeps for ubuntu:trusty (4 days ago)
e4923e7 - fix save dialogs on Mac #268 (4 days ago)
66a50e3 - note how to reset config in windows in (7 days ago)
ed00dc7 - use GetWindow()->Refresh() on non-GTK too #260 (12 days ago)
89228b0 - fix high CPU usage under wxgtk2 #260 (12 days ago)
d160321 - fix $ENV{WX_CONFIG} check yet again (12 days ago)
0489756 - fix $ENV{WX_CONFIG} check in 46f5294 (12 days ago)
46f5294 - do not prefer wxgtk3 if $ENV{WX_CONFIG} is set (12 days ago)
437b366 - clean up wxgtk3 finding cmake code (12 days ago)
2efcb62 - support and default to wxgtk3 not gtk2 on arch (13 days ago)
430b5d6 - fix Mac OS 10.13 build issues (13 days ago)
9222894 - Merge pull request #263 from retro-wertz/patch-2 (2 weeks ago)
02e1f49 - Add couple of file ext on .gitignore (2 weeks ago)
fad1dd1 - Merge pull request #262 from retro-wertz/libretro (2 weeks ago)
9c85991 - Opps (2 weeks ago)
009c09e - GBA: Show log when rom uses SRAM of FLASH save types (2 weeks ago)
90bc79f - Libretro: implement vbam logging using libretro logging api (2 weeks ago)
f4b88ba - Libretro: Remove GBA LCD filter (2 weeks ago)
76389d8 - RTC: Change this #ifdef to GBA_LOGGING (2 weeks ago)
710d2f3 - UtilRetro: Remove LCD filter (2 weeks ago)
e0fe836 - Makefile: Add option for sanitizer, add -DNO_DEBUGGER (2 weeks ago)
94d0767 - Makefile: Remove sources we dont need (2 weeks ago)
50e91f7 - Remove unrelated function during rom load (2 weeks ago)
3c0e88b - Remove wrong #ifdef decleration (2 weeks ago)
3791b0a - Libretro: Fix samplerate not passed correctly to gba core (2 weeks ago)
3385be2 - Silence some warnings (2 weeks ago)
4d4819f - Libretro: Add core options for Sound Interpolation and Filtering (2 weeks ago)
94f1102 - Libretro: Add core option to mute sound channels (2 weeks ago)
5a4c788 - Merge pull request #256 from retro-wertz/patch-1 (2 weeks ago)
bdb164b - Set mirroringEnable to false (2 weeks ago)
0047fa1 - Merge pull request #253 from retro-wertz/libretro (2 weeks ago)
17b681b - ereader.cpp: Silence warning (2 weeks ago)
27fa30b - Libretro: Disable cheats by default, update to bios loading (2 weeks ago)
01c5f46 - Libretro: Cleanup controller layout binds (2 weeks ago)
319a486 - Libretro: Do not allow opposing directions (2 weeks ago)
2c46522 - Libretro: Add Solar Sensor (3 weeks ago) <U-DESKTOP-UVBJEGH\Cloud>
037e377 - let's place these in the correct spot shall we? (3 weeks ago)
90d2f5c - Added retro-wertz for his contributions in bringing in libretro back to speed and other things (3 weeks ago)
03bc7c2 - Merge pull request #249 from retro-wertz/updates (3 weeks ago)
991fc74 - Do this for GBA sound enhancements too (3 weeks ago)
4e4424e - GB: Fix sound options not working (3 weeks ago)
abb62df - pause on menu pulldown on windows only (FIXED) (3 weeks ago)
cb3e9e3 - pause on menu pulldown on windows only (3 weeks ago)
1115be1 - Merge pull request #248 from retro-wertz/updates (3 weeks ago)
bc0e169 - Add missing file (3 weeks ago) <U-DESKTOP-UVBJEGH\Cloud>
edf939e - Gfx: Add #ifdef _MSC_VER, fix tiled rendering on windows (3 weeks ago)
57dc0c2 - Move gfxDrawTextScreen() into GBAGfx.cpp (3 weeks ago)
27aeb6d - Re-add Types.h, remove some more #ifdef (3 weeks ago)
9ec142d - Add header guard (3 weeks ago) <U-DESKTOP-UVBJEGH\Cloud>
7a194fb - do not pause games when menus are pulled down (3 weeks ago)
6e18c3c - exclude headers for now (3 weeks ago)
947cd10 - minor OSD code cleanup (3 weeks ago)
0dc3e06 - update installdeps for opensuse (3 weeks ago)
cafe905 - Fix a cast for msvc compilers (4 weeks ago)
07bc2ee - Merge pull request #246 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
1606ea7 - libretro: Cleanup some #ifdefs (4 weeks ago)
1d4dacc - Merge pull request #244 from retro-wertz/fix_gba_cheats (4 weeks ago)
e2dff89 - Fix cheats not working in GBA (4 weeks ago)
a3510c9 - Merge pull request #243 from retro-wertz/fix_opcode (4 weeks ago)
9ab2ee6 - Fix some opcodes in arm (4 weeks ago)
a5e717a - add brace so it doesn't break compilation (4 weeks ago)
4a615ab - Gonna take my time and actually work on a D3D9 panel. Documentation here I come. (4 weeks ago)
fdb39a1 - Merge pull request #242 from retro-wertz/fix_alignments (4 weeks ago)
26c8c61 - Fix some formatting alignments in arm/thumb opcodes (4 weeks ago)
7c3d8d0 - Merge pull request #241 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
8edd4ce - libretro: Fix save types not properly set using overrides (4 weeks ago)
893269d - Merge pull request #239 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
3411aa3 - libretro: Use stdint.h instead in most cases (4 weeks ago)
1f20ba8 - libretro: Update (4 weeks ago)
b0982ac - Always apply map masks (4 weeks ago)
ff4f123 - libretro: Fix wrong file pointer (4 weeks ago)
8f6e5de - libretro: Fix error : narrowing conversion (4 weeks ago)
8a1fd58 - libretro: Add header guard to UtilRetro.h (4 weeks ago)
85dea8a - add cygwin cross build support (9 weeks ago)
8638c76 - require pkg-config in cmake for gtk checks #227 (9 weeks ago)
60f2bd3 - remove ffmpeg from suse installdeps (9 weeks ago)
9933b6b - if cross compiling openssl, need to add --cross-compile-prefix=- (2 months ago)
55caf62 - win cross script: pass RANLIB to openssl make (2 months ago)
9cd26b2 - windows cross build script: use autoconf for bzip2 (2 months ago)
d5f90f0 - fix SDL sound on windows (3 months ago)
fe9f064 - fix msys2 builder script (3 months ago)
70c8dee - cmake: default ENABLE_OPENAL to OFF (3 months ago)
d992cfa - Finalize vertical draw fixes and code cleanup (3 months ago)
62e8098 - Fix forbidden conversion in remote.cpp (3 months ago)
edb2fd2 - Merge pull request #214 from Eleuin/name-fixes (3 months ago)
9843af2 - Fix cmake directory in installdeps (3 months ago)
80bcdab - Fix draw height across rendering modes (3 months ago)
f3f6ee7 - fix compile errors with ffmpeg git (3 months ago)
5ae853a - fix installdeps for OpenSUSE (3 months ago)
8540860 - adjust changelog version regex for cur. version (4 months ago)
61e2f3b - Merge pull request #204 from Eleuin/filter-bounds-fix (4 months ago)
d7a4edd - Fixed filter draw bounds (4 months ago)

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Jerome - le 03/07/2018, 07:48
Mon émulateur GBA de choix, je ne peux que le recommander !

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