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XRoar 0.35, Emulateur Dragon et Tandy CoCo

Par shu, le 29/07/2018, 17:31

XRoar 0.35

Nouvelle version pour XRoar, émulateur Dragon mais également Tandy Colour Computer (Tandy CoCo 1 & 2), qui passe en version 0.35.

Changelog :

Version 0.35, Fri Jun 27 2018

* New EXTMEM/SLENB support allows cartridges to inhibit normal device select
* New NX32 RAM cartridge [by Tormod Volden]
* Fix buffer overrun in MC6847 code
* New option -ao-gain specifies volume in dBFS
* New CAS CUE support
* New -C option allocates debug console in Windows (must be first option)
* Fix use of AltGr key in translated mode on Windows (SDL2)
* New MOOH RAM + SD card cartridge [by Tormod Volden]
* Support JVC/DSK files with non-standard sectors per track
* Integrate tracing into CPU code
* MC6809: Assume certain page2 illegal ops are same as page0 [David Ladd]
* WD279x: implement multiple-sector type 2 ops
* New SN76489 sound chip support
* New Games Master Cartridge support (-cart gmc)
* Use SDL2 audio queueing interface where -ao-fragments > 1
* Optional --disable-simulated-ntsc configure option for speed
* HD6309: Fix interrupt handling during TFM instruction [David Ladd]

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