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Supermodel 0.3a WIP révision 739, Emulateur SEGA Model 3

Par shu, le 04/09/2018, 22:42

Toujours en attendant la prochaine version 0.3 stable, voici une nouvelle version de développement "Work In Progress" pour Supermodel, le désormais célèbre émulateur arcade SEGA Model 3 développé par Bart Trzynadlowski, qui passe en révision 739.

Changelog :

Sega bass fishing is starting some off the meshes with a shared vertex. Without having a previous vertex to share with, the values were just uninitialised and junk. The hardware itself seems to hold the value from the previous mesh, and sega bass fishing relies on this undefined behaviour to function correctly. Storing the cached vertices as member variables instead of locally to the function means it holds the values from the last mesh, and uses those values instead of random garbage.
remove dead variable
Use correct PCI IDs (Harry Tuttle)

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