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Xpeccy 0.6 build 20181117, Emulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Par shu, le 18/11/2018, 11:28

Xpeccy 0.6 build 20181117

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

XPECCY est un excellent émulateur ZX Spectrum développé par le russe SAM style. Apparu en Novembre 2014, il bénéficie de mises à jour fréquentes.
Le voici en version 0.6 build 20181117 sous Windows et Linux (Debian et Fedora en 32 ou 64 bits).

Changelog (GoogleTrad) :

build 20181117

- Switched to Qt5 / SDL2 by default. For Qt4 / SDL1, cmake has the variables QT4BUILD and SDL1BUILD. Windows DLLs in the first post of a topic
- Fixed floppy boot from options
- Fixed color in TSConf
- Under the heading "NOTHING AND SUCH IS ???" - Filling the romset with a preset for the selected architecture (button with a button in the options on the Machine tab). Rompack in the first message is updated.

build 20180918

- 16-bit audio output. If the Cat still gets stuck in AY, I don’t know what to rule anymore. Specially got into the unreal ss and licked the table for the DAC.
- I fixed the GS, the joint was in the amount of ROM

build 20180913

- For CPU, a frequency multiplier has been added to the settings (Options-> Machine-> CPU). It should be borne in mind that machines with programmed turbo will click this value as they want
- For AY / YM added disableable DAC (Options-> Sound-> DAC, or Alt + D). In theory, it sounds more realistic, but for me it is too sharp. Perhaps already lost the habit.
- So far, the experimental drawing of the image directly to the output buffer, immediately with the desired magnification, but a gray filter. At first glance, the garbage will be only when you change the increase in pause mode. On the old memory is faster, because there are no intermediate buffers.
- The memory is segmented as 256 pages of 256 bytes, the associated glitches are caught as they appear.
- Bugs, features, absurd behavior - everything as you like

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