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Supermodel 0.3a WIP révision 766, Emulateur SEGA Model 3

Par shu, le 22/01/2019, 23:50

Toujours en attendant la prochaine version 0.3 stable, voici une nouvelle version de développement "Work In Progress" pour Supermodel, le désormais célèbre émulateur arcade SEGA Model 3 développé par Bart Trzynadlowski, qui passe en révision 766.

Changelog :

Composite the alpha layers at the end of rendering. To do this we need to mask the alpha pixels with the opaque pixels from the next priority layer. Fixes some overlapping shadows in vf3tb that have different priority layers. I assume that was a game bug, but it works on the real h/w.
-Added support for specifying multiple sections simultaneously in INI files, e.g., [ daytona2, dayto2pe ] -Forgetfulness in 763
Technically backface culling should cull polys when the dot product = 0, since when it equals 0 the polys is perpendicular to the camera and thus invisible. When you complete sega rally2 (if you can get that far lol) the champagne is invisible. The reason is because all the face normals are 0. So when multiplied by the model matrix they are still 0 and get culled. Tweaking the condition to only cull polys when greater than 0 fixes this, and allows these 'bad' polys to render as they do on the model3.

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