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Agat Emulator 1.29.2-exp1, Emulateur Apple II

Par shu, le 28/04/2019, 22:22

Agat Emulator 1.29.2-exp1

Apple II

Nouvelle release pour Agat Emulator, émulateur Apple ][ et Agat 7/9 (clone soviétique) sous Windows, qui nous arrive en version 1.29.2-exp1.

Changes in the version 1.29.2-exp1

This version contains an experimental rendering engine. New features include:

- Proper 7x8 pixel characters in text modes
- Fonts are used exactly as taken from system ROMs
- Real-time NTSC TV simulation in native Apple modes

Known issues:

- New graphics is displayed in a separate window, in addition to the original
graphics implementation.
- 80-column Apple text modes will also display in NTSC simulation mode which
looks really bad--as it would on an actual NTSC TV-set. There is currently no
way to switch to pixel-precise rendering on demand.
- Combined graphics modes and partial page animations don't work for Apple2e,
as seen on the Test Drive title screen.
- Not all fonts are replaced with ROM versions. Some systems will display text
inverted and flipped.

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