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Altirra 3.20, Emulateur Atari 8 bits et Atari 5200

Par shu, le 25/06/2019, 22:37

Altirra 3.20

Voici une nouvelle release pour Altirra, émulateur des ordinateurs Atari 8 bits (400/800, 1200XL, 600/800XL, 130XE, XEGS) et de l'Atari 5200, qui passe en version 3.20.

Changelog :

Version 3.20: [June 23, 2019]


- Debugging symbols and debugger scripts are no longer automatically loaded by default unless the debugger is active. This can be changed in the Debugger section of Configure System.
- AltirraOS is now versioned independently of the main emulator. See changelog in export ROM set output for details.
- The direct read filter for cassette tapes has been lowered in bandwidth to reduce load failures on FSK-encoded glitches. The filter bandwidth can now be adjusted in Configure System, Cassette.

[features added]

- Additions: Colormap now supports CTIA systems.
- AltirraOS: Minor improvements to text I/O performance.
- Cartridge: Flash memory type can now be changed for Maxflash 8mb cartridges.
- Cassette: Added option for detecting and automatically switching BASIC when booting tapes based on whether the tape starts with a BASIC or binary program.
- Debugger: #comments can now be used in .atdbg files.
- Debugger: @(...) within an expression causes that subexpression to be evaluated immediately.
- Debugger: .diskdumpsec now dumps phantom sectors for a virtual sector.
- Debugger: .disktrack now has an option for drive number.
- Debugger: Added support for bank-specific addresses in MaxFlash cartridges using t:$XX'YYYY syntax.
- Debugger: Added options for controlling auto-load of symbols and debugger scripts.
- Debugger: Added menu option to list source files associated with line debugging information.
- Devices: Added emulation of APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 device.
- Disk: Added support for physical sector size chunk in ATX images.
- Disk: Fixed XF551 standard emulation mode to force SD format with command $21 when the current mode is enhanced density.
- Display: Added new overscan mode for typical widescreen displays.
- Display: Added controls for scanline intensity and scaling overall display intensity.
- Display: Optimized standard NTSC artifacting algorithm.
- Display: Added option to hide all on-screen indicator overlays.
- Display: Added color preset for NTSC 800 computer.
- Display: Added option to accelerate some screen effects using shaders when Direct3D 11 is enabled.
- Firmware: Version numbers are now displayed for the internal OS and BASIC ROM images.
- HLE: Program loader now detects and throws an error on an attempt to load an MS-DOS or Windows program into the emulator.
- Input: Added Arrow Keys -> Paddle A preset.
- Input: Digital sources can now be bound to the Paddle Knob input on paddle controllers to use the paddle lines as switches.
- U1MB: Stereo POKEY and Covox control is automatically enabled when Ultimate1MB and stereo/Covox are both enabled.
- UI: Added a GUI option in settings for switching between portable and registry mode.
- UI: Added visual drop targets for different drag and drop modes, formerly only available via right-drag-drop.
- UI: Added overview and recommendation pages to Configure System.
- UI: Escaping is now supported for text copy and paste.
- UI: Alt+click message help has been extended to also decode common POKE and PEEK addresses.

[bugs fixed]

- AltirraOS: FDIV no longer returns 0 for 0/0.
- AlirraOS: AFP(".") properly returns an error instead of 0.
- AltirraOS: EXP10() was returning an error instead of underflowing to 0 for some large negative inputs.
- AltirraOS: Pressing reset on the boot screen now forces BASIC to do a cold boot.
- AltirraOS: Type 3 poll loop is now exited on user break error to fix infinite boot loop with Black Box firmware.
- AltirraOS: Corrected ICBLLZ/ICBLHZ values after CIO get commands.
- AltirraOS: Pressing Help now sets HELPFG.
- ATBasic: Fixed crash when Break is pressed prior to startup banner.
- Audio: Fixed crash on system with no sound card.
- Cartridge: Manually inserted BASIC cartridges are now persisted across runs of the emulator.
- Cartridge: Fixed broken DB 32K mode (CAR type 5).
- Cartridge: The!Cart 16K banking modes no longer use the secondary bank write protect flag.
- Cartridge: Fixed The!Cart disable mode sometimes leaving bank windows active.
- Cartridge: Corrected definition of MegaMax 2M mode (CAR type 61) to support banking on reads.
- Cartridge: Corrected definition of 2M megacart mode (CAR type 64).
- Cassette: References to tapes mounted directly as .zip files without a direct reference to a file within the zip are now persisted properly across runs.
- Debugger: Improved Turbo-Basic XL support in the .basic_vars and .basic_dumpstack commands.
- Debugger: Fixed listing directives getting executed twice for carts.
- Debugger: Step Over past an interrupt no longer exits the current scope.
- Debugger: Mini-assembler no longer emits ROR opcodes as LSR.
- Debugger: Fix crash in MADS symbol parser with single-character labels.
- Debugger: .readmem and .writemem now accept quoted paths.
- Devices: Black Box no longer powers up disabled on startup if exactly DIP switches 1-4 are enabled.
- Disk: Full disk emulators now report address CRC errors properly ($E7).
- Disk: Improved accuracy of disk errors from XF551 full drive emulation.
- Disk: Improved emulation of FDC not ready bit ($80).
- Disk: Read Address now returns sectors with data CRC errors.
- Disk: The non-standard sector size option of the 1771 is now partially supported.
- Disk: Deleted sector marks can now be written by the Write Sector command.
- Disk: Interrupted Write Sector commands now affect the disk image.
- Disk: Rotate disk command now works with full disk drive emulation.
- Disk Explorer: Fixed crash when write flush fails due to another program locking the disk image file.
- Display: Fixed a high CPU usage issue with enhanced text display when paused.
- HLE: FP acceleration no longer returns 0 for 0/0.
- SAP: Lowered SAP type D player from $0800 to $0400 to improve compatibility with files that have a low load address.
- Input: Toggling Held Keys On Reset back off no longer queues Ctrl+Shift+A for next reset.
- Input: Fixed Shift key state sometimes being incorrect when Shift was pressed/released while holding another key. The emulated Shift key state is now updated on Shift key changes while other keys are held.
- Input: The Input State and Console controllers are no longer blocked in 5200 mode.
- PerfAnalyzer: Fixed sporadic errors in profiling sub-view when profiling short CPU trace ranges.
- Profiler: Fixed a bug causing the function and basic block modes to misattribute some interrupt time to the parent function/block.
- Profiler: Fixed broken BASIC line profiling mode.
- Save States: Fixed save state errors with 65C816 CPU modes.
- Simulator: Fixed crash when single-stepping prior to computer being turned on with disk drive CPU selected.
- UI: Fixed CIO acceleration options not being bound correctly in new configure system dialog.
- UI: Disk drives dialog no longer appears hidden the first time it is ever used.
- UI: Fixed argument parsing error when emulator is launched with argv[0] containing forward slashes.
- UI: Fixed incorrect partial switch matching on command line, e.g. "/disk1" being interpreted as "/disk 1".
- VBXE: Overlay width setting %%11 now correctly selects narrow width instead of wide width.

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