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Xpeccy 0.6 build 20190625, Emulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Par shu, le 26/06/2019, 22:40

Xpeccy 0.6 build 20190625

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

XPECCY est un excellent émulateur ZX Spectrum développé par le russe SAM style. Apparu en Novembre 2014, il bénéficie de mises à jour fréquentes.
Le voici en version 0.6 build 20190625 sous Windows, Linux (Debian et Fedora en 32 ou 64 bits) et MAC OS X.

Changelog (Google Trad) :

build 20190625

- fixed jamb with editing register R in Z80 in debug
- fixed default breakpoint color
- keyboard window closes esc
- In the maper gamepad on the clave, the auto-repeat option appeared. with the specified period alternate pressing and release of the key assigned to the button / axis. 0 means "no auto-repeat"
- a bit redid loading dsk

Further, I think, I will go deep into u765, because not all disks have the audacity to work successfully in +3
PS: For some reason, it was not possible to make friends with Qt4 with mingw5. Compiles, but does not start.

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