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bsnes-hd beta 8, Emulateur Super Nintendo

Par shu, le 26/06/2019, 22:49

bsnes-hd beta 8

Bsnes-hd est un fork de bsnes qui ajoute des fonctionnalités vidéo HD telles que le Mode 7 en HD ainsi qu'un affichage compatible écran large, rien que ça. Attention les yeux !
D'autres fonctionnalités devraient bientôt arriver...

Nouveautés :

Resetting settings recommended


- option to disable widescreen for non-Mode 7 scenes (default now), fixing menus and widescreen-incompatible 2D levels with no setting switching during gameplay. The widescreen areas in that case can either be black or adopt the background color.

- simple auto widescreen settings for backgrounds, based on size and position(s) of the background, works e.g. for the HUD in "F-Zero" or the title screen box in "Super Mario Kart".

- new Mosaic mode for HD Mode 7, using 1x scale, providing a good compromise between SD Mode 7 and no Mosaic at all, and also allowing widescreen, e.g. for the "Terranigma" underworld.

- optional markers for the widescreen areas, in the form of lines or darkening at configurable translucency. Also sprites can now be clipped at the edges of the widescreen areas.

- soft crop setting changes are now applied immediately.

- some settings changed type and/or got new defaults. Using the empty configuration files from the release zip or deleting the config files from the user directory is recommended.

- bsneshd-dev at Emulator Nexus Discord: (not just for developers, feel free to post suggestions, issues, game specific settings, recommended games, broken games, videos, screenshots, ...)

Thanks everyone who reported issues, made suggestions, made videos, posted, ... I appreciate you contributing and spreading the word.

And, sorry for going on about this: If anyone can ASSIST me in at least getting started with porting parts of the C++ code to SHADERS, PLEASE contact me here or on GitHub. I doubt there is any other way to get more usable PERFORMANCE. If some would join the project to contribute GPU optimizations that would be awesome. But just some help with the initial setup and a view helpful answers would be great. Again sorry for spamming this one.

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