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Xpeccy 0.6 build 20190915, Emulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Par shu, le 16/09/2019, 10:09

Xpeccy 0.6 build 20190915

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

XPECCY est un excellent émulateur ZX Spectrum développé par le russe SAM style. Apparu en Novembre 2014, il bénéficie de mises à jour fréquentes.
Le voici en version 0.6 build 20190915 sous Windows, Linux (Debian et Fedora en 32 ou 64 bits) et MAC OS X.

Changelog (Google Trad) :

- uPD765 started reading 2-sided discs
- the --disk key with values of 0..3 or A..D allows you to select the drive to load the image
- for MacOSX, the --style key is introduced. If it is specified, a native theme is used (for connoisseurs), without it, Fusion from Qt is forcibly installed (purely so as not to wring your hands about their Martian native look)
- periods were incorrectly displayed in the debugger in the AY tab - the high-low byte was mixed
- fixed the setting of breakpoints in the dump on the CPU, RAM and ROM
- became old, I don’t remember what else broke there or God forbid repaired

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