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higan v108, Emulateur multi-systèmes

Par shu, le 03/03/2020, 22:44

higan v108

Nouvelle release pour higan, émulateur multi-systèmes développé par Near (byuu de son ancien pseudo), qui passe en version 108.

Systèmes supportés :

- Nintendo NES/Famicom + Famicom Disk System
- Nintendo SNES/Super Famicom
- Nintendo Game Boy / Game Boy Color
- Nintendo Game Boy Advance + Game Boy Player
- Sega SG-1000 / SC-3000
- Sega Master System/Mark III
- Sega Game Gear
- Sega Mega Drive/Genesis + Mega CD
- NEC PC Engine / Turbografx-16 / SuperGrafx
- MSX / MSX2
- ColecoVision
- Neo Geo Pocket / Neo Geo Pocket Color
- Bandai WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color / SwanCrystal / Pocket Challenge V2

Principaux changements :

higan v108 brings various user-interface refinements and emulation accuracy improvements.

These will be the last major releases for a while; however I will continue to post hotfixes and improvements to the GitHub repositories. I also welcome any and all pull requests, especially for emulation core bugfixes. Most notably, I would greatly appreciate any assistance in improving my Mega CD emulation, if possible.

Site officiel :

Sections concernées sur GameTronik :

Section NES/Famicom (Goodset)
Set No Intro NES/Famicom
Section SNES/Super Famicom (Goodset)
Set No Intro SNES/Super Famicom
Section Game Boy/Game Boy Color (Goodset)
Set No Intro Game Boy
Set No Intro Game Boy Color
Section Game Boy Advance (set No Intro)
Section SG-1000 (set No Intro)
Section Master System (Goodset)
Set No Intro Master System
Section Game Gear (Goodset)
Set No Intro Game Gear
Section Megadrive (Goodset)
Set No Intro Megadrive
Section Mega-CD
Section PC-Engine (Goodset)
Set No Intro PC-Engine
Section MSX (Goodset)
Set No Intro MSX
Section MSX 2 (Goodset)
Set No Intro MSX 2
Section ColecoVision (Goodset)
Set No Intro ColecoVision
Section Neo Geo Pocket (Goodset)
Set No Intro Neo Geo Pocket
Set No Intro Neo Geo Pocket Color
Section WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color (Goodset)
Set No Intro WonderSwan
Set No Intro WonderSwan Color

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