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XM6 Pro-68k Release 19 (200308), Emulateur Sharp X68000

Par shu, le 12/03/2020, 23:00

XM6 Pro-68k Release 19 (200308)

Voici une nouvelle release pour XM6 Pro-68k, émulateur Sharp X68000 pour Windows.

XM6 Pro-68k est un émulateur Sharp X68000 basé sur la version 2.06 du XM6 original.
L'auteur précise que "les changements sont principalement liés à l'interface utilisateur, et que l'accent est mis sur le développement et le débogage des fonctionnalités plutôt que sur la précision de l''émulation. Cependant, les améliorations générales que l''émulateur apporte le rende plus recommandable que XM6 v2.06 (version finale officielle)".

Vous trouverez beaucoup d'informations sur l''émulation du X68000 en général sur le site de l'auteur.

Changelog :

Release 19 (200308)

Cleaned up and expanded several HDD-related dialogs.

Expanded the abilities of the cheating subsystem slightly.

Added safeguards to prevent rapid display changes.

Switching to full-screen mode without changing the display is now "softer".

Hard disks can now be loaded more conveniently, such as through drag-and-drop,
without having to go through the cumbersome configuration dialog. This will
necessarily disrupt any existing HDD settings, however.

Command-line file arguments now accept modifier keys like drag and drop does.
For example, holding Control will now disable resetting when a floppy disk
is inserted by dropping a disk image onto a shortcut to XM6.

It is now possible to mix file types in the command-line and drag-and-drop
interfaces. For example, you can pass both a hard disk image along with its
corresponding boot disk or key disk image and expect it to work correctly.

Bug fixes:

Fixed external SCSI ROM support.

Fixed additional side effects of disabling ADPCM audio generation.

Fixed a crash when toggling speed limiting without an audio device (my fault).

It was possible to lock up the program by using certain invalid mnemonics
for hidden (but not disabled) controls in the rigid disk creation dialogs.

The mouse cursor was inadvertently being forced to appear when transitioning
into or out of full-screen mode (my fault).

Enabling full-screen stretch while already in full-screen mode was permanently
setting the screen resolution to 800 x 600 regardless of the original setting.

Switching out of DMS mode was not setting the scroll bar position correctly.

Site officiel :

Section Sharp X68000

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