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Raine 0.91.3, Emulateur Arcade

Par shu, le 11/05/2020, 00:25

Nouvelle release pour Raine, émulateur arcade développé par le nantais Tux pour les systèmes CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo Geo et Neo Geo CD, qui passe en version 0.91.3.

Changements :

Ok, I'll start by what took me the biggest amount of time, even if it's very specific, the unicode filenames in windows !

So to see the problem you need some non-standard characters in a folder or filename, it's easier if it's on a folder containing some neocd game. I visited the wikipedia page about "the king of fighters", and got the japanese name of the game from there : (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ 京). So just copy and paste this at the end of the name of such a directory. Then run any previous version of raine : the directory will be impossible to find ! It might be possible to do that with just 1 character, and less exotic, but I am not sure about this, and I am sure about the japanese name !

The reason is because microsoft has some inherently broken api to access its files, if the filename contains some non-standard character for the current code page of the system (which can't be utf8 of course !), then the usual functions to access files return a filename which is absolutely unusable. So the old versions find nothing when trying to access the dir, and forget about it. I am not going to tell the whole technical solution I found, if you want to see that, go to the git page. But shortly, the file selector now uses windows native functions to get the file listing, but since it still needs a standard file name for the file operations, it uses the short filename when available, using the usual long one just for display in the file selector. This means the workaround will work only if your volume has some short filenames, but normally it's the default for any volume created in windows - I created one in linux and used it in windows, in this case it didn't have any short file name, and it took me quite a while to find out how to reactivate them for this volume !

Anyway, after this you should see something for the directory if using this version. If you really want to see the Japanese characters in the gui, you'll have to replace the Vera.ttf in raine's font directory by some font containing these characters. All the biggest fonts in your windows fonts directory should work, assuming it's not too old. msyh.ttc for example, just copy this one to fonts/Vera.ttf in raine's directory and you are done (I prefer the look of Vera, but it has no japanese chars !). (difficult to copy that using the explorer because it doesn't show filenames from the fonts directory ! Oh well, you can always use the very outdated cmd.exe for that, dir /Os to have the biggest files, then make your choice and copy !).

Except this big annoyance, the other changes :

- fixed again some cheats, this 0.91 version is mainly about that after all, there were some bugs for kof98 particularly, I found quite a few which obliged me to redo the conversion for most of them.

- added some new command line switches : -nb, -wb, -rp, see raine -h for details.

- Fixed the display when starting raine without any gui in opengl (-n switch).

So that's quite a big one, once again... I hope I won't have to deal again with these unicode characters at least, I couldn't leave it like that with some files impossible to access, but it's a mess I prefer to avoid otherwise !

(oh by the way the previous versions had some useless xml files in the scripts directory, useful only for conversion, they are gone now, so if you unpack this version in the same directory you can remove all the xml files in scripts).

Site officiel :

Forum des releases :

Retrouvez les sections concernées sur GT :

- CPS-1
- CPS-2
- Neo Geo
- Neo Geo CD

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DMG - le 11/05/2020, 20:45
Excellent émulateur ! Je l'adore.

PS: GG pour toutes tes MAJ.

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