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XRoar 0.36, Emulateur Dragon et Tandy CoCo

Par shu, le 10/06/2020, 01:15

XRoar 0.36

Nouvelle version pour XRoar, émulateur Dragon mais également Tandy Colour Computer (Tandy CoCo 1 & 2), qui passe en version 0.36.

Changelog :

- Fix SAM S output in map type 1 [Pere Serrat]
- Work around Windows audio failure when 5.1 is available [Gerald Stefan]
- Cleaner PulseAudio output
- Try harder to find working SDL2 audio format
- Avoid buggy 'wasapi'''' SDL audio backend under Windows
- HD6309: Clear MD register on reset [Pere Serrat]
- Relicensed to GPLv3+
- WebAssembly target support
- MC6809: LEA instructions work in page 1 [Stewart Orchard]
- Recognise .dgn and .cco as potential binary files
- Migrated Mac OS X UI to SDL2
- Updates for IDE and IDE cartridge [by Alan Cox]
- SAM VDG counter switching behaviour updates [with Stewart Orchard]
- Reload cartridge ROMs on each reset to aid test cycle [Steve Bamford]
- Try first listed UI module if user-specified one not found
- New configuration parsing with quotes and escape sequences
- In Windows, search Documents/XRoar/ (for config file) and Documents/XRoar/roms/ (for ROM images)

Site officiel :

Section Tandy CoCo

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