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Raine 0.91.7, Emulateur Arcade

Par shu, le 05/07/2020, 22:31

Nouvelle release pour Raine, émulateur arcade développé par le nantais Tux pour les systèmes CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo Geo et Neo Geo CD, qui passe en version 0.91.7. Les packs de DLL ont également été mis à jour dans nos sections CPS1/CPS2/NeoGeo/NeoGeo CD.

Changements :

As the version number implies, it's all bug fixes inside :

- -rcf didn't work with romsets using LOAD_CONTINUE (like sonicwi3), it's fixed
- sf2m8 used a dummy rom load instead of a FILL which created a romcheck error.
- don't consider neogeo games as clones of the neogeo bios in the games display
- fix broken iso.gz support for neocd (usually compressing an iso to iso.gz without touching the cue file at all used to work, it was broken in 0.91.6 because of the changes there).
- and neocd again : when trying to guess an audio track name and there is no cue file, check the extension to avoid to select a picture as an audio track !

There is also a big shared libraries mess with this version because of some updates. The 32 bit windows binaries require the new dlls32-0.91.7 package. I have also updated the dlls64-0.90.7z but this one remains compatible with the old versions.
For the arch binaries, the guy who is supposed to update libmuparser on aur is missing and unreachable, which means that you won't be able to build a 32 bits raine with the current muparser installed (incompatible with the old lib32-muparser from aur). Updating the muparser file is not too hard, but I can't do it officially for now, have to wait 2 weeks for that. So I don't know if I'll release the 0.91.7 linux binaries now, maybe only the 64 bits version then ?
edit : finally I released both, but I don't guarantee the result if you use the 32 bits version with the old muparser, last time I tried that it crashed when opening the console ! (the console also handles cheats).

Site officiel :

Forum des releases :

Retrouvez les sections concernées sur GT :

- CPS-1
- CPS-2
- Neo Geo
- Neo Geo CD

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