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Stella 6.4, Emulateur Atari 2600

Par shu, le 03/11/2020, 05:57

Stella 6.4

Atari 2600

Voici une nouvelle release pour Stella, l'excellent émulateur Atari VCS 2600 sous Windows, Linux et Mac OS X, qui passe en version 6.4.

Changelog :

- Added basic (entire and single line only) text cut/copy and paste.
- Added color parameters to 'Custom'' palette.
- Some improvements to AtariVox-USB adaptor functionality:
  • Made serial port used for an AtariVox-USB adaptor editable.
  • Autodetection of serial ports no longer messes up devices plugged into other serial ports.

- Added CPU load stats to debugger. Related to this, added debugger pseudo-registers '_ftimreadcycles'' and '_fwsynccycles'' to show the number of cycles since the start of frame under certain circumstances (see manual for more details).
- Fixed bug with aspect correction and fullscreen mode; snapshots from such a mode are now pixel-exact.
- Fixed a bug that caused CDF ROMs to crash on the Retron77 and reduced ARM emulation performance for CDF ROMs on other platforms.
- Fixed crash with missing or incorrectly sized SaveKey data file, and with certain functions not working (erase pages, erase entire EEPROM).
- Fixed Atari mouse autodetection.
- Fixed bug in ROM launcher, with last ROM selected not being remembered when exiting and re-entering a directory.

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