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Nintendulator 0.985 beta (2021-03-22), Emulateur NES/Famicom

Par shu, le 24/03/2021, 11:15

Nintendulator 0.985 beta (2021-03-22)


Voici une nouvelle beta pour Nintendulator, émulateur NES/Famicom sous Windows développé par Quietust, qui passe en version 0.985 beta (2021-03-22).

Rappelons que le dernier build stable est en version 0.980.

Changements :

Today's build fixes a small bug in the mapper interface which would have prevented the debugger from working when using Game Genie codes.

It also features a massive update to the mapper DLLs to dramatically simplify the process of adding new mappers - each mapper definition now automatically adds itself to a globally defined list on startup.
The primary upshot of this is that I no longer have to keep around a statically-defined list of every possible mapper number, so supporting higher NES 2.0 mappers is now much more straightforward (the old method would've required tripling the size of 3 different lists).
The downside is that locating a supported mapper now requires performing a linear search, but even with 4096 different mappers that would still only take a microscopic fraction of a second.

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Section NES/Famicom (Goodset)
Set No Intro NES/Famicom

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