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Raine 0.91.15, Emulateur Arcade

Par shu, le 31/03/2021, 10:49

Nouvelle release pour Raine, émulateur arcade développé par le nantais Tux pour les systèmes CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo Geo et Neo Geo CD, qui passe en version 0.91.15.

Changements :

It's almost only fixes, but there are quite a few :

neocd/neogeo :

- unlikely incompatibility between mslug2 & pbobblen, this fixes both this time.
- there were some problems in neocd with speed hacks, they are now disabled for the kof games and kabukikl
- still on neocd, there was a crash when reading an audio track merged with the main data track, this worked before, but anyway it's fixed.

- old capcom savegames prior to some time in march 2020 couldn't be restored anymore, I added a callback to fix things on the fly, it might not work for all the games, I don't have savegames for all of them, but it should work for most of them.
- the year is updated automatically now
- there was a strange "stack smash" on my laptop when opening the console, it happens only on this computer, which has exactly the same software setup as my main computer, so it's probably a gcc bug, but for now I disabled their stack protection to work around that, even if it's required only for 1 file related to the console, I disabled it everywhere.

cheats :

- the scripts can now handle more than 100 arguments, required for some cheats about the starting level !
- fix pbobble2/2o/2x always on help line cheat
- fix pbobble2 alternate world levels cheat
- fix cheats comments containing ", and handle multi-line comments for cheats, the bottom line of the screen will "flash" if the comment is too long, just click on it to get the full comment. Example of such a cheat : the last one for strider.
- and by the way finally update the default background color to be darker and less transparent, I did it here on my default settings a long time ago but I should have committed it, here it is, handy to be able to read these big comments for the cheats. (if you keep your settings while updating and want to try the default new color, just delete the bg_color line in rainex_sdl.cfg/raine32_sdl.cfg in the config directory).

That should be all, I really hope it's the last 0.91 version, I deleted all 0.91 versions prior to 0.91.10, there were too many fixes this time.

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- CPS-1
- CPS-2
- Neo Geo
- Neo Geo CD

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