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bsnes-hd beta 10.6, Emulateur Super Nintendo

Par shu, le 18/06/2021, 23:36

bsnes-hd beta 10.6

Bsnes-hd est un fork de bsnes qui ajoute des fonctionnalités vidéo HD telles que le Mode 7 en HD ainsi qu'un affichage compatible écran large !

Nouveautés :

- The libretro core now re-applies setting overrides whenever settings change.
- The setting override to allow widescreen windowing can now be enabled manually in the libretro core as an option.
- The setting overrides for pixel aspect ratio correction and overscan are available again, only for the libretro core.
- There are new setting overrides for the scale as well as for disabling the sprite limit.
- It is now possible to soft-patch with multiple patches. (like in RetroArch, append "1" to extension of second patch, "2" to third, ...)
- The libretro core can now also apply patches in IPS format. (discouraged, (un)headered is a core option)
- Merged rom-size detection fix from upstream. (fixes some Metroid ROM hacks that would not start)
- Removed the dependency libgtksourceview. (from upstream, only affected Linux)
- Added setting override for doubling VRAM size (for widescreen patches and other ROM hacks only, please contact me on Discord for details)

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