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Raine 0.91.19, Emulateur Arcade

Par msx, le 01/08/2021, 18:32

Nouvelle release pour Raine, émulateur arcade développé par le nantais Tux pour les systèmes CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo Geo et Neo Geo CD, qui passe en version 0.91.19.

Changements :

Everything is in the title, it’s a binary only for those playing with sound associations to play with customized musics, look in the forum for details. This version fixes the sound commands for matrimelee and adds support for cps2 games… yeah all of them, even the cps1 games using qsound. It’s still quite experimental for the cps2, but it seems functional enough for a release…

The cps2 music detection was crap in the previous version, here is the fixed version !
This one is based on reading the code in the z80 rom and using directly a table which describes the sounds to play, so it’s very reliable to detect if something is a music, but it doesn’t work for all the roms, it works for the majority though. For those which don’t work (mainly the oldest ones including cps1 qsound and the newest ones !) the sound commands dialog is simply disabled. Anyway it’s good enough for me for now… sorry for the double release !

I might have released 0.91.16 & 0.91.17 too fast, but this one finally holds its promise : all the cps2 games supported (at least those using qsound, gigaman2 being a bootleg without any z80 rom it’s out of the list, I even added it to non working games !).
Except that I finally added some breakpoints in the console for the z80 which helped me a lot to finish this. And updated the help for the regs and break commands, still in the console.

- the new Brazilian Portuguese locale
- curl now gets the rom from the full internet archive for raine instead of trying to guess where it can find it. As I said it's quite slow, but as a remainder, when Antiriad was working on the f3 emulation, it took him a whole night to retrieve one of these roms, so it's very fast compared to this ! ;-)
- And reverted the opengl gui, meaning you get the fullscreen bugs back for the windows version, but it also fixes the emudx games + neo turf masters (you'll probably have to disable the speed hacks in neocd options for neo turf masters). For those who prefer the opengl gui and don't care about these fixes, just stay with 0.91.18 !

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- CPS-1
- CPS-2
- Neo Geo
- Neo Geo CD

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